most popular

  • Download
    Download text and binary files to the client from javascript Strings and Blobs. - 10k -
  • dan's Snippet manger
    A code snippet organizer with javascript snippets. by dan davis. - 15k -
  • dan's GitHub Page
    Some of my more recent works have found their way onto GitHub. - 22k -
    I Worked on this cool new HTML page Sharing, Editing, and Debugging tool for Web Developers. - 420k -

new (2014/10)

  • live music
    An online music player made with ustache templates. - 42k -
  • nostache
    A super-compact mustache-like templating engine using ES6 template strings - 2k -
  • intraHTML
    Makes HTML as easy to live-update as create using a virtual DOM and DIFF strategy to patch the live DOM with changes found in new HTML. - 29k -
  • MoFun
    Functional programming at it's most modular: hundreds of helper methods, the fastest array iteration in the business, an online compiler, and more. - 49k -
  • Veneer
    A tiny script to enable semantic HTML elements. Many new tags are included to build slide-shows, embed maps, format dates and file sizes, highlight syntax, embed external content, and much more. - 22k -
  • Mostache
    An upgraded version of Mustache.js: adding filters, seperators, index injection, and more. Still fast, and 100% backwards compat with existing mustache templates. - 12k -
  • CDN.js
    Simple access to hundreds of popular script libraries make this fast script loader and require() tool one-of-a-kind. Bundle depends via url instead of usign a command-line tool. - 12k -
  • Polls
    US Senate election polling charts, recent past and present (2014 race) powered by YQL and Google Charts - 12k -


  • Dan's Photo Gallery
    Photos i took displayed in a viewer i wrote. - 2k -
  • Example Photo Gallery
    My Tornado Photo Gallery. (view source to see how simple making a photo gallery can be) - 2k -
  • Photo Gallery Builder
    A simply tool for making your own slideshows like the other ones in this section using your own images. - 2k -
  • dan's image editor 2
    Edit images in Firefox. Crop. Resize. Contrast. Filters. invert, b+w noise, color noise, median filter (!) blur, sharpen, flip, quick B+W, desaturate, ansel, max info -
  • Image Resizer
    A VERY simple way to resize a bunch of images without installing software. Perfect for making thumbnails. - 2k -


  • WizAmp
    A full-featured media player for your MP3 files. Chrome gives best results. - 16k -
  • live music
    A simple cross-browser live music player with a library of thousands of performances. - 3k -


  • Dan's GPS
    a simple full-screen spedometer for biking, hiking, or just plain fun. Firefox mobile gives best results. - 6k -
  • balls
    Have you seen how cool my balls are? - 2k -
  • C4
    The classic two playter stacking game with a twist. - 2k -
  • Memory
    The classic card flipping challenge. - 2k -
  • Dan's Calculator
    a simple full-screen calculator for devices without one. a good demo of fastclick mobile touchscreen acceleration. - 4k -
  • lil' Curves
    A small graphics demo for firefox. makes little images, some might be ok logos. - 2k -
  • dan's chess timer
    A chess timer. mouse and keyboard can be used making for easy two-person operation. - 5k -
  • ToDo HTML5 Platform Demo
    A simple persistent todo app made with HTML5, CSS3. There is no <script> tag in use, just clean markup. - 2k -


  • Temp Tracker
    A simple way monitor your temperature when you're sick using minimal human interaction. - 2k -
  • 2Way - Legacy Free Data Binding
    Uses brand new methods to sync a model to an html form view... - 7k -
  • resistors
    a calculator for resistor value using thier color coded bands - 1k -
  • wiki syntax for apps
    build nice acccesible forms using a simple text-based shorthand syntax - 4k -
  • time
    A simple, highly efficient clock to embed. minimal CPU usage, smooth updates. - 533b -
  • notepad
    a simple way to keep notes in a wysiwyg editor. notes are saved on computer between visits in firefox and IE8. - 3k -
  • templ8 Test
    Demonstrates the tmpl8 utility. Turn a remote data source (json) into html using simple templates. - 25k -
  • watchtower
    dan's media watchtower: a simple way to monitor breaking news across multiple outlets. - 5k -


  • DEV
    A fully online development enviroment. Edit and preview web folders from the browser. From 2013, but previously un-released and now abandoned. - 112k -
  • Vapor
    An online text editor with autocomplete, shortcuts, spellcheck, selection processing, and many unique web-building features. - 114k -
  • Text Editor
    Edit js files (or any files really) in a nice augmented textarea editor with many advanced features like formatting, auto-complete, code cleanup tools, and more. - 114k -
  • crypto, by dandavis
    Type/Paste a message into the box to create an encrypted document that can be unloack in any browser without software. - 8k -
  • js unzip
    Opens a zip file on your computer, allowing you to download or open each file within. Pure JS, your zip never goes over the wire. - 37k -
  • Disk Report (for webkit)
    Scan local folders and view pie charts of deep folder size. Rank by size, types, and more. - 6k -
  • Packager
    Turns a bunch of code into a safe JS module object. Choose your properties from a list, options to format or compress, and auto-cleanup of commom problems in JS code. - 14k -
  • unzip
    Unvip a zip file from your device, browse contents, and extract specific files in the zip to download uncompressed to your device. - 14k -
  • dan's quick css maker
    Generate css using a menu and live preview. includes handy snips as well. embedable. - 40k -
  • Slim
    Designed to provide maximum compression to small javavascrpt libraries. Can also compress text, html, and json. Includes a special CSS mode. - 12k -
  • String Sandbox
    A javascript tespad. Also good for building HTML from javascript expressions. - 50k -
  • Web 2.0 compressor
    Compresses and reformats javascript, and css. also automatically rewrites invalid html to validate. paste your code here. - 12k -
  • Decrapify
    Cleanup bad html like msword and other wysiwyg garbage. Ouputs clean simple code (P+H) based on font-sizes. Thrashes most tags, preserves Links. - 12k -
  • Level (mobile)
    Use a smart phone as a level to hang pictures, shim televisions, etc... - 3k -


Meant to be used with res=showModalDialog(url, value), see source of each one for details.

  • TextEdit
    A sleek and fast code editor with many devopler-friendly features. - 24k -
  • JS Hint
    Checks the syntax of javascript code for style, compatibility, errors, and readbility. - 4k -
  • JS Lint
    Checks the syntax of javascript code for style, compatibility, errors, and readbility and some dogma. - 4k -
  • Repp'r :: Fast Text Replacements
    A simple but powerful find-and-replace tool with live preview and RegExp support. - 4k -
  • Slim
    Designed to provide maximum compression to small javavascrpt libraries. Can also compress text, html, and json. Includes a special CSS mode. - 12k -


  • json browser
    Allows you to navigate though a json object using the ubiquitous two-pane explorer - 4k -
  • json viewer
    Allows you to navigate though a json object using a structural HTML view. - 4k -
  • json editor
    Allows you to edit a json object using a two-pane editor (code/forms) - 20k -
  • json filter
    Allows you to edit an array (or Object) using simple functions to map/reduce a data-set. - 2k -


  • Bind
    Turn raw data from RSS, CSV, or any API into pure HTML without coding any javascript. - 14k -
  • Download
    Download text and binary files to the client from javascript Strings and Blobs. - 10k -
  • JS Archive
    a collection of librarys, frameworks, shims, and micro-libraries. A mix of common, favorite and personal selections. - 15k -
  • MINI
    mini javascript library: the only 10kb of javascript you need. - 5k -
  • MINI 2
    nex-gen mini javascript library: buildable and legacy free. now with late imports! - 5k -
  • dan's drag and drop (dnd)
    dan's drag and drop. Contents. About; Getting Started; API Reference; Custom Events; Compatibility; Compatibility; Custom Event Examples. - 13k -

micro libs

Grab compressed version by changing filename to the url search, removing ".js" (ex: /js/set.js becomes /js/?set)

Combine scripts by using many lib names separated by a comma. ex: /js/?set,weakmaps,enum,format

  • WeakMaps
    A firefox-compatible WeakMaps (associative arrays) implimentation for all browsers. - 2k -
  • Set
    A firefox-compatible Set (generic collections) implimentation for all browsers. - 1k -
  • ES6 String Methods
    Adds "".contains(), "".endsWith(), and "".startsWith() methods to any browser. - 1k -
  • Tiny DOM Lib
    Provides getById [id], [tags], querySelectors [q], array casting, and bind capabilities - 1k -
  • FileName
    Gets the filename of the active script (must be defined in script to be detected) - 1k -
  • CSV Parser
    Strong-typed parser for string of CSV format data, like from Excel. - 1k -
  • Option Parser
    Like YAML, a simple way to code/pass nested options objects from human-readable indented strings - 2k -
  • JS Nodes
    A way to build XML/HTML using native JS methods to append and manipulate "tags" - 3k -
  • getpage
    Grabs info from another page using ajax via a url and some simple to/from CSS selectors. - 1k -
  • Format
    String formatting as proposed for ES6 by Doug Crockford. - 0.8k -
  • enum
    A simple but fail-safe (READ-ONLY) Enumeration maker for JS. - 1k -
  • merge
    Adds 5 helper mthods onto Object: merge, update, common, without, and mutual. - 1k -
  • oQuery
    use CSS3 attrib selectors on deep Objects. Great for searching and looping though json. - 4k -
  • range
    Provides the boolean filter function Range(), and the mutli-range multi-response Ranges() function. - 1k -
  • Lambda
    A simple way to turn functions into uncalled expressions. - 1k -
  • Series
    A simple way to run an array of functions in series or parallel using callbacks. - 1k -
  • localStorage2
    expanded javascript string storage with a simple interface that abstracts built-in webSQL or IndexedDB technologies. - 18k -
  • strongbox
    a strong-typed interface to localStorage, allowing non-JSON values like null, functions, Dates, RegExps, and Elements. - 3k -
  • blackbox recorder
    provides an object that contains extensive client machine info about performance, plugins, browser settings, the active page, etc. - 4k -
  • razr templates
    Clean templating with @keyword syntax and the inverted FOR command that iterates values instead of keys. demo - 1k -
  • adlib templates
    A powerful templater built for processing and displaying deep data structures with minimal code. - 4k -
  • taglr - JSON from XML Attribs
    A fast simple manner of grabbing an object of attribs from a string of XML - 4k -
  • Crumbs
    High-performance change logging. plays nice with other storage solutions. tracks when and what changes. Applications: revisioning, logging, debugging, and gaming. - 2k -

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