SLIM: Code Optimization

Compress script, html, css, json, and text      

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About Slim

Take a pocket version of SLIM with you simply by 'save as'ing and opening later: it will function without internet.

SLIM puts the maximum squeeze on small javascript libraries using a technique invented by dan: unused single-character replacement. Most javascript minifiers only strip white-space, leaving a lot of redundancy in the script. Code-rewriters like Dean Edwards' Packer can remove the redundancy, but it breaks my code sometimes. SLIM avoids code-breaking while delivering maximum compression on small scripts (1-25kb).

With an overhead of under 200 bytes, recycled char tokens, and using uglify as a starting point SLIM compresses small files better than anyone.

Owing to a complete rewrite of the core, and additional algorithmic tweaks, this version of SLIM squeezes plain text and structured text like JSON, XML, better than ever.

creative commons share alike attribution applies.

While Slim is original, this demo/tool uses Dean Edwards' Packer Doug Crockford's JSmin. Thanks!

Thanks !